On December 2nd, Prof. Dr. Sherry Suyu (TUM Department of Physics) will give a talk entitled “New Measurement of the Universe’s Expansion Rate Using Cosmic Lenses”. Knowing the precise value for the Hubble... [mehr]

On December 9th, Prof. Dr. Stephan Sieber (TUM Department of Chemistry) will give a talk entitled “Weak Spot in Pathogenic Bacteria – ClpX-ClpP Protein Complex Could be Starting Point for New Antibiotics”.... [mehr]

On December 16, Prof. Wilhelm Windisch (Animal Nutrition) will discuss if we could do without livestock. Climate change, the increase of the world population and urbanization are great challenges for world... [mehr]

On January 13th, Prof. Dr. Christoph Lütge (TUM School of Governance, Education and Management) will give a talk entitled “Making AI Trustworthy: the TUM Institute for Ethics in AI”. In October 2019, the... [mehr]

On January 20th, Prof. Dr. Matthias Feige (TUM Department of Chemistry) will give a talk entitled “Interleukin Biogenesis: Understanding and Engineering the Language of Immune Cells”. Professor Feige and his... [mehr]

On January 27th, Prof. Dr. Thomas Fässler (TUM Department of Chemistry) will give a talk entitled “New Synthesis Approach for Soluble Silicon Clusters – Anticipating Silicon Solar Cells with Significantly... [mehr]

For further information please visit the homepage of SoTiC WHEN: 6. - 10. September 2021 WHERE: Virtual Event of the IAS of the TUM WHAT: A scientific meeting on thermoacoustic oscillations in gas turbines,... [mehr]