TUM-IAS Fellow Prof. Mathias Senge received the Irish Laboratory Award 2021 as Chemical Laboratory of the Year

Hans Fischer Senior Fellow Mathias Senge (Molecular and Interfacial Engineering of Organic Nanosystems) and the Senge Group received the Irish Laboratory Award 2021 as Chemical Laboratory of the Year.

The IAS congratulates Prof. Senge on this award!

Mathias Senge’s research at the TUM-IAS focuses on the creation of highly ordered and functional nanostructures of photoactive compounds and molecular scaffolds. A leading tetrapyrrole chemist his group has published widely on Hans Fischer’s pigments of life – the porphyrins. His main interests are synthetic organic chemistry, hydrocarbon scaffolds, the (bio)chemistry of tetrapyrroles, photochemistry, -biology and -medicine, structural chemistry, molecular engineering of photonics materials, and history of science.

Mathias Senge studied chemistry at U Freiburg, U Massachusetts, U Marburg (Dipl.-Chem.). and was awarded a Dr. rer. nat. (summa cum laude) from U Marburg and received his habilitation from the FU Berlin in 1996. A recipient of DFG, SFI and Heisenberg fellowships he held professorships at U Potsdam, U Greifswald and since 2005 holds the Chair of Organic Chemistry at Trinity College Dublin. He is (co-)author of more than 390 publications.

The Irish Laboratory Awards recognize leadership and achievement in the Irish research sector in several categories. A finalist in 2021 for “Education Laboratory of the Year” and “Laboratory Team of the Year” as well, in 2020 the Senge Group were the winners in the category "Laboratory Team of the Year".