We are delighted to report that the study „Methane Emissions from the Munich Oktoberfest“, presented by TUM-IAS Rudolf Mößbauer Tenure Track Professor Jia Chen (Environmental Sensing and Modeling), appeared as a... [more]

The Israeli Institute for Advanced Studies at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (IIAS) invites: 1. scholars from Israel and abroad to submit proposals for an individual fellowship at the IIAS for the 2022-2023... [more]

The new head of the Institute for Advanced Study at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) is Prof. Michael Molls, Professor Emeritus of Radiotherapy and Radiological Oncology and spokesperson of the TUM... [more]

Using a mixture of oil droplets and hydrogel, medical active agents can be not only precisely dosed, but also continuously administered over periods of up to several days. The active agents inside the active... [more]

The UBIAS Network is thrilled to announce that thecolleagues at IMéRA and IEAT are welcoming applications to participate in the 4th edition of UBIAS's Intercontinental Academia. Intelligence and Artificial... [more]

Yet another success for the Technical University of Munich (TUM) in the competition for the most highly endowed research award in Germany: Prof. Daniel Rückert, an internationally renowned expert for the use of... [more]

Professor Andrzej J. Buras was announced to receive the highest award of the German Physical Society (Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft), the world's largest organization of physicists, for his outstanding... [more]

TUM-IAS Rudolf Mößbauer Tenure Track Professor Jia Chen (Environmental Sensing and Modeling) presents a study investigating the methane (CH4) emissions of the world's largest folk festival – the Munich... [more]

With a remuneration of 500,000 € it is the most lucrative environmental prize in Europe. Professor Kögel-Knabner was a Carl von Linde Senior Fellow at the TUM Institute for Advanced Study in 2011. ... [more]

Despite their extremely small mass, neutrinos play a key role in cosmology and particle physics. After evaluation of the first measurement results in the Karlsruhe Tritium Neutrino Experiment (KATRIN),... [more]