Rethinking Patterns of (In)equity and Diversity in Architecture

The Focus Group around Anna Boyksen Fellow Prof. Meike Schalk (KTH Royal Institute of Technology) and her host Prof. Dr. Benedikt Boucsein (TUM Department of Architecture) will introduce gender and intersectional analysis, feminist history and theory themes and pedagogical formats to architectural education and research at TUM. 

To encourage cultures of equity and diversity at TUM, we are addressing institutionalized patterns that have led to a lack of parity and diversity in architectural departments and workplaces. The Focus Group brings together the chairs of Architectural Design and Conception; History of Architecture and Curatorial Practice; Theory and History of Architecture, Art and Design; and Urban Design in TUM’s Department of Architecture, as well as the chair of Sociology and Gender Studies in the Department of Sociology at LMU. Our Focus Group examines how (in)equalities are embedded, produced, and reproduced in architectural representations, discourses, norms, curricula, material conditions, and working regimes. Mainly through a doctoral program in practice-oriented research including a conference and publication, we aim to embed analysis and methods of gender and intersectionality studies, feminist and queer perspectives in architectural history and theory, and critical pedagogical formats into educational and research activities at TUM. The main goals are to raise awareness of existing inequities and to address cultural and structural change within the Department of Architecture.

The project is supported by the chairs of Urban Design, Prof. Benedikt Boucsein; Theory and History of Architecture, Art and Design, Prof. Dietrich Erben; Architectural Design and Conception, Prof. Uta Graff; and History of Architecture and Curatorial Practice, Prof. Andres Lepik, at TUM’s Department of Architecture, and by the chair of Gender Studies, Prof. Paula-Irene Villa at the Department of Sociology at LMU.