Removing Institutional Roadblocks for Inclusion in Science

The Focus Group “Removing Institutional Roadblocks for Inclusion in Science” consists of Anna Boyksen Fellow Prof. Andrea Erhardt (University of Kentucky) and her hosts Prof. Rolf Moeckel (TUM School of Engineering and Design) and Prof. Martin Elsner (TUM School of Natural Sciences).

Despite recognition of the negative impact of low gender and ethnic diversity in science, barriers and misconceptions persist. Workplace dynamics, institutional impediments, and limited advocates all contribute to the reduced retention of diverse populations. This Focus Group will investigate different intervention programs to understand and address institutional issues with increasing diversity. We will focus on creating a better advocates program, focusing on training male advocates to promote gender diversity. Additionally, a regular workshop series will identify impediments to diversity in Germany,and TUM specifically, with the final goal of providing recommendations for policy changes. 

We hope to illustrate how implicit bias and workplace culture contribute to reduced gender diversity while providing encouragement for change. This program will be run concurrently in Germany and the USA, providing cultural comparisons and identifying the most impactful modules.