Ulrich Rant

Carl von Linde Junior Fellow

Dynamic Biosensors GmbH

Gerhard Abstreiter

Focus Group
Nano Photonics

Short CV

From 1993 to 2000 Ulrich Rant studied physics at Technical University of Graz in Austria. In 2005 he received his Ph.D. degree in physics from Technische Unversität München (dissertation at the Walter Schottky Institute: “Electrical Manipulation of DNA Layers on Gold Surfaces”. Thesis advisor: Prof. G. Abstreiter). For his efforts he won the Ph.D. thesis award for physics from TUM.
He remained at TUM and became a Post-Doc at the Walter Schottky Institute. In 2005 he started to act as Project Coordinator of the collaboration project “Biosensor” between Fujitsu Laboratories and TUM. Therefore, from September to November 2006 he worked as a visiting researcher at Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. at the Nanotechnology Research Center in Atsugi, Japan. Today Ulrich Rant is the founder and CEO of Dynamic Biosensors GmbH.

Selected Awards

  • 2011-2013, Start-up funding from BMBF within the program GO-Bio
  • 2005, Young Researcher Award in Nanotechnology, Government of Styria, Austria
  • 2004-2005, Association “Friends of TUM”, Germany
  • 2004, Graduate Student Silver Award, Materials Research Society, San Francisco
  • 2004, Prize of the Dimitri N. Chorafas Foundation for research conducted during PhD studies, Switzerland

Research Interests

Rant’s research interests include Functional DNA Systems on Surfaces, Biosensors, Plasmonic Properties of Metalized DNA, and Solid‐state Nanopores.

Selected Publications

  • Arinaga, Kenji; Rant, Ulrich; Knežević, Jelena; Pringsheim, Erika; Tornow, Marc; Fujita, Shozo; Abstreiter, Gerhard; Yokoyama, Naoki: Controlling the surface density of DNA on gold by electrically induced desorption. Biosensors and Bioelectronics 23 (3), 2007, 326-331.
  • Rant, U.; Arinaga, K.; Scherer, S.; Pringsheim, E.; Fujita, S.; Yokoyama, N.; Tornow, M.; Abstreiter, G.: Switchable DNA interfaces for the highly sensitive detection of label-free DNA targets. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 104 (44), 2007, 17364-17369.
  • Sendner, C.; Kim, Yong W.; Rant, U.; Arinaga, K.; Tornow, M.; Netz, R. R.: Dynamics of end grafted DNA molecules and possible biosensor applications. phys. stat. sol. (a) 203 (14), 2006, 3476-3491.
  • Rant, Ulrich; Arinaga, Kenji; Tornow, Marc; Kim, Yong Woon; Netz, Roland R.; Fujita, Shozo; Yokoyama, Naoki; Abstreiter, Gerhard: Dissimilar Kinetic Behavior of Electrically Manipulated Single- and Double-Stranded DNA Tethered to a Gold Surface. Biophysical Journal 90 (10), 2006, 3666-3671.
  • Rant, Ulrich; Arinaga, Kenji; Fujita, Shozo; Yokoyama, Naoki; Abstreiter, Gerhard; Tornow, Marc: Electrical manipulation of oligonucleotides grafted to charged surfaces. Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry 4 (18), 2006, 3448.
  • Rant, Ulrich; Arinaga, Kenji; Fujita, Shozo; Yokoyama, Naoki; Abstreiter, Gerhard; Tornow, Marc: Dynamic Electrical Switching of DNA Layers on a Metal Surface. Nano Letters 4 (12), 2004, 2441-2445.
  • Rant, Ulrich; Arinaga, Kenji; Fujita, Shozo; Yokoyama, Naoki; Abstreiter, Gerhard; Tornow, Marc: Structural Properties of Oligonucleotide Monolayers on Gold Surfaces Probed by Fluorescence Investigations. Langmuir 20 (23), 2004, 10086-10092.

Publications as TUM-IAS-Fellow


  • Wei, Ruoshan; Gatterdam, Volker; Wieneke, Ralph; Tampé, Robert; Rant, Ulrich: Stochastic sensing of proteins with receptor-modified solid-state nanopores. Nature Nanotech 7 (4), 2012, 257-263 more… BibTeX Full text ( DOI )


  • Pedone, Daniel; Langecker, Martin; Abstreiter, Gerhard; Rant, Ulrich: A Pore−Cavity−Pore Device to Trap and Investigate Single Nanoparticles and DNA Molecules in a Femtoliter Compartment: Confined Diffusion and Narrow Escape. Nano Letters 11 (4), 2011, 1561-1567 more… BibTeX Full text ( DOI )