2 July 2019

About the Event

Increasing drought periods, declining groundwater reserves, and deficient quality of waters affect agricultural production, but also impact on a regions' social and economic structure. In times of climate change, it is necessary to preserve the functionality of Bavaria's ecology to maintain and increase its resilience.

The workshop was designed to collect ideas that contribute to developing long-term solutions for irrigation problems in the region. Such a discourse can only be successful and sustainable when it includes stakeholders from different areas in theory and practics. During a lively day of exchange participants from all over Bavaria discussed existing solutions, positive strategies, and successful projects; while at the same time evaluating negative experiences and future needs of water users.

Four key questions served as structuring elements:

  • How to obtain a fair distribution of accessible water resources?
  • How to conserve enough water for nature preservation at the same time?
  • What scientific data might practitioners and decision-makers need to fill knowledge gaps?
  • What framework conditions must politics and administration provide for sustainable solutions?