Scientists Meet Scientists – Virtual TUM-IAS Wednesday Coffee Talk by Prof. Johann Plank: "How Can We Seal Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) Wells Safely?"

On January 26th, Johann Plank, Professor emeritus of Construction Chemistry at TUM will talk at our TUM-IAS Wednesday Coffee Talk. 

Title: "How Can We Seal Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) Wells Safely?"

Current global CO2 emission amounts to ~ 41 billion tons/year of which 23 billion tons are taken up by biosphere and oceans. This leaves 18 billion tons CO2 to be removed to achieve climate neutrality. CCS presents the method of choice to dispose quantities which are large enough to make significant impact on climate. In CCS, CO2 is captured at the point source, compressed to the supercritical state, transported and then injected into depleted oil reservoirs or coalbeds. The boreholes required for the injection pipes are commonly cemented using Portland cement which however is not CO2 resistant. Novel binders with enhanced CO2 stability such as calcium aluminate-phosphate or epoxy cements are currently evaluated by the industry. Their individual advantages and drawbacks will be discussed and additional operational aspects contributing to the long-term (500+ years) sealing quality of such wells are addressed. It will be shown that while already 200+ CCS projects are ongoing, the challenge of successful long-term sealing has not yet been resolved sufficiently.

Date: January 26, 2022
Time: 13:00 (until approx.14:00)
Location: online

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Due to the ongoing pandemic, the TUM-IAS Wednesday Coffee Talks are currently held online via zoom.

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