Scientists Meet Scientists – Wednesday Coffee Talk by Prof. Dr. Oliver Lieleg on “Artificial DNA Can Control Release of Active Ingredients from Hydrogels”

On November 25th, Prof. Dr. Oliver Lieleg (TUM Department of Mechanical Engineering) will give a talk entitled “Artificial DNA Can Control Release of Active Ingredients from Hydrogels”. Lieleg and his team have developed a process that could serve as the basis for medications containing several active ingredients that would reliably release them in the body in a pre-defined sequence at specified times. With a combination of hydrogels and artificial DNA, nanoparticles can be released in sequence under conditions similar to those in the human body. In nature, DNA is above all the carrier of genetic information. However, researchers are increasingly exploiting another property: The ability of DNA fragments to be combined with great accuracy, both in terms of the types of bonds and their strength, for example to build machines on a nanometer scale.

As it is becoming much more common for patients to be treated with several different medications, which often need to be taken at fixed intervals, the findings from Professor Lieleg and his team address the limitations that make everyday life difficult and work to decrease the risk of doses being skipped or forgotten (TUM press release).


Ceren Kimna, Oliver Lieleg, Engineering an orchestrated release avalanche from hydrogels using DNA-nanotechnology, Journal of Controlled Release, Volume 304, 28 June 2019, Pages 19-28,


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