Giovanni Boniolo

Short CV

Giovanni Boniolo received a doctoral degree in physics on the genesis of the special theory of relativity from the University of Padova in 1981 and a doctoral degree in philosophy on epistemology and scientific historiography from the same university in 1985. He is a full professor of Philosophy of Science and Medical Humanities at the University of Milan as well as the director of the Biomedical Humanities Unit in the department of Experimental Oncology of the Istituto Europeo di Oncologia in Milan. He is also the director of the PhD program in “Foundations of the Life Sciences and Their Ethical Consequences” at the European School of Molecular Medicine (SEMM) and the University of Milan. Giovanni Boniolo is the author of 13 books (and editor of 12 further books) and of some 190 papers. He has been a member or chair of several ethical committees in Europe, a consultant of many European research centers (for example the Centro de Filosofia das Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa (Portugal) and a member of the scientific committee of many foundations, institutions and journals in Europe (for example the Fondazione Sasso Corbaro, Ticino (Switzerland) or the Swiss National Science Foundation). He is editor-in-chief of Springer Briefs on Ethical and Legal Issues in Biomedicine and Technology.


2014 Awarded by the Italian Olympic National Committee (CONI) for the best book on sport (Le regole e il sudore. Divagazioni su sport e filosofia, Raffaello Cortina Editore, Milano 2013)

2014 Fellow of the Centro de Filosofia das Ciências, Universidade de Lisboa (Portugal)

2014 Fellow of the Center for the Study of Bioethics, University of Belgrade (Serbia)

Research Interests

  • Public decision-making and ethical deliberation
  • Individual decision-making and ethical counseling
  • Trust based consent for patients
  • The philosophical foundations of molecular medicine
  • Formal language for molecular biology

Selected Publications

  • Boem, Frederico; Boniolo, Giovanni; Pavelka, Zsuzsa: Stratification and biomedicine. How philosophy stems from medicine and biotechnology. In: Bertolaso, Marta (Ed.): The Future of Scientific Practice : `Bio-Techno-Logos'. Pickering {&} Chatto, 2015, 103--115 more… BibTeX
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  • Linkeviciute, Alma; Boniolo, Giovanni; Chiavari, Leonora; Peccatori, Fedro A.: Fertility preservation in cancer patients: the global framework. Cancer treatment reviews 40 (8), 2014, 1019--1027 more… BibTeX Full text ( DOI )
  • Boniolo, Giovanni: Is an account of identity necessary for bioethics? What post-genomic biomedicine can teach us. Studies in history and philosophy of biological and biomedical sciences 44 (3), 2013, 401--411 more… BibTeX Full text ( DOI )
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  • Boniolo, Giovanni; Faraldo, Rossella; Saggion, Antonio: Explicating the notion of `causation': The role of extensive quantities. In: McKay Illari, Phyllis; Russo, Federica; Williamson, Jon (Ed.): Causality in the Sciences. Oxford University Press, 2011, 502--525 more… BibTeX Full text ( DOI )
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