Horst Kessler

Carl von Linde Senior Fellow

Technical University of Munich

Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry

Focus Group

Short CV

Horst Kessler was born in Suhl, Thuringia. He studied chemistry in Leipzig and Tübingen. He received his diploma in chemistry in 1963 and he was awarded his Ph.D. in 1966. He earned both degrees at University of Tübingen (dissertation: “Kupfersalz-katalysierte Reaktionen von Diazomethan mit Aromaten”).
Three years later he qualified as a professor (Habilitation) in Organic Chemistry (topic: „Nachweis innermolekularer Beweglichkeit durch NMR-Spektroskopie“). From 1971 to 1988 Kessler worked as Full Professor at J.W. Goethe University in Frankfurt/Main at the Department of Organic Chemistry.
The next twenty years he spent at the Technische Unversität München as Full Professor at the Department of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry.
Since October 2008 he is a Carl von Linde Professor (Emeritus Professor of Excellence) at the Institute for Advanced Study at TUM. Kessler has also held visiting appointments at several universities in Halifax, Tokyo, Madison, Haifa, Austin and Jerusalem. Moreover he holds several honorary posts and is member of the Editorial Board of renowned chemical journals.


2009 Honory Member of the Israel Chemical Society

2008 Josef Rudinger Award, European Peptide Society

2005 Burkhardt Helferich Award

2002 Vincent Du Vigneaud Award, American Peptide Society

2002 Hans-Herloff Inhoffen Medal

2002 Honorary doctoral degree, University of Leipzig

2002 Member German Academy of Sciences Leopoldina

2001 Max-Planck-Research Award

1997 Emil Fischer Medal

1996 Member Bavarian Academy of Science

1988 Max-Bergmann-Medal for Peptide Chemistry

1986 Otto-Bayer-Award

Research Interes

The following topics represent the core of Kessler’s research: rational design of molecules on the basis of conformation, the synthesis and structure of peptides and peptidmimetica and the development and application of NMR-techniques and calculation methods for the identification of molecule structures.

Selected Publications

  • Neubauer, Stefanie; Rechenmacher, Florian; Beer, Ambros J.; Curnis, Flavio; Pohle, Karolin; D'Alessandria, Calogero; Wester, Hans-Jürgen; Reuning, Ute; Corti, Angelo; Schwaiger, Markus; Kessler, Horst: Selective Imaging of the Angiogenic Relevant Integrins α5β1 and αvβ3. Angewandte Chemie International Edition 52 (44), 2013, 11656-11659 mehr… BibTeX Volltext ( DOI )
  • Rahmouni, Sabri; Lindner, Aaron; Rechenmacher, Florian; Neubauer, Stefanie; Sobahi, Tariq Rashad Ali; Kessler, Horst; Cavalcanti-Adam, Elisabetta Ada; Spatz, Joachim Pius: Hydrogel Micropillars with Integrin Selective Peptidomimetic Functionalized Nanopatterned Tops: A New Tool for the Measurement of Cell Traction Forces Transmitted through α v β 3 - or α 5 β 1 -Integrins. Adv. Mater. 25 (41), 2013, 5869-5874 mehr… BibTeX Volltext ( DOI )
  • Rechenmacher, Florian; Neubauer, Stefanie; Polleux, Julien; Mas-Moruno, Carlos; De Simone, Mariarosaria; Cavalcanti-Adam, Elisabetta Ada; Spatz, Joachim P.; Fässler, Reinhard; Kessler, Horst: Functionalizing αvβ3- or α5β1-Selective Integrin Antagonists for Surface Coating: A Method To Discriminate Integrin Subtypes In Vitro. Angewandte Chemie International Edition 52 (5), 2012, 1572-1575 mehr… BibTeX Volltext ( DOI )
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  • Demmer, Oliver; Dijkgraaf, Ingrid; Schumacher, Udo; Marinelli, Luciana; Cosconati, Sandro; Gourni, Eleni; Wester, Hans-Jürgen; Kessler, Horst: Design, Synthesis, and Functionalization of Dimeric Peptides Targeting Chemokine Receptor CXCR4. J. Med. Chem. 54 (21), 2011, 7648-7662 mehr… BibTeX Volltext ( DOI )
  • Hagn, Franz; Lagleder, Stephan; Retzlaff, Marco; Rohrberg, Julia; Demmer, Oliver; Richter, Klaus; Buchner, Johannes; Kessler, Horst: Structural analysis of the interaction between Hsp90 and the tumor suppressor protein p53. Nat Struct Mol Biol 18 (10), 2011, 1086-1093 mehr… BibTeX Volltext ( DOI )
  • Hagn, Franz; Thamm, Christopher; Scheibel, Thomas; Kessler, Horst: pH-Dependent Dimerization and Salt-Dependent Stabilization of the N-terminal Domain of Spider Dragline Silk-Implications for Fiber Formation. Angewandte Chemie International Edition 50 (1), 2010, 310-313 mehr… BibTeX Volltext ( DOI )
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  • Doedens, Lucas; Opperer, Florian; Cai, Minying; Beck, Johannes G.; Dedek, Matt; Palmer, Erin; Hruby, Victor J.; Kessler, Horst: Multiple N -Methylation of MT-II Backbone Amide Bonds Leads to Melanocortin Receptor Subtype hMC1R Selectivity: Pharmacological and Conformational Studies. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 132 (23), 2010, 8115-8128 mehr… BibTeX Volltext ( DOI )
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  • Heckmann, Dominik; Meyer, Axel; Marinelli, Luciana; Zahn, Grit; Stragies, Roland; Kessler, Horst: Probing Integrin Selectivity: Rational Design of Highly Active and Selective Ligands for the α5β1 and αvβ3 Integrin Receptor. Angewandte Chemie International Edition 46 (19), 2007, 3571-3574 mehr… BibTeX Volltext ( DOI )
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