Mirko Ruben Bothien

Rudolf Diesel Industry Fellow

Ansaldo Energia

Combustor Technology

Prof. Thomas Sattelmayer

Focus Group
Data-driven Dynamical Systems Analysis in Fluid Mechanics

Short CV

Dr.-Ing. Mirko Bothien currently is leading the Combustor Technology group of Ansaldo Energia Switzerland. In this role, he is responsible for the technology development of novel premix and reheat combustors as well as all thermoacoustic topics in technology and product development. Since 2017, he is Member of Board of the Norwegian CCS Research consortium.

He received his Diploma degree in Turbomachinery & Jet Propulsion from RWTH Aachen University in 2005. During the last 2 years of his studies, he worked at the Siemens gas turbine test center in Berlin as research intern and Diploma student.
From 2005 to 2008, he pursued his PhD thesis on modelling & control of combustion instabilities and rig-to-engine transferability of gas turbine combustors at the Institute of Fluid Mechanics and Technical Acoustics, TU Berlin with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Oliver Paschereit. The thesis project was in co-operation with Siemens Power.
Beginning of 2009, he joined the thermoacoustics team of Alstom’s combustor R&D department. In 2013, he was appointed Team Leader of the thermoacoustics team and since then also gives a lecture on gas turbines and thermoacoustics at the TU Berlin. From 2014 to 2017, he was Group Leader Thermoacoustics and Combustor Lifetime.

Dr.-Ing. Bothien co-authored 50 technical publications and 37 invention disclosures in the field of combustion dynamics.

Selected Awards

2018 Early Career Award, Global Power and Propulsion Society

2015 Alstom Corporate Innovation Award

2015 ASME IGTI Best Paper Award

2011 Alstom Gas Turbine Invention Award

2011 Shortlist Alstom Corporate Innovation Awards

2010 Alstom Gas Turbine Invention Award

2010 Tiburtius Award for dissertation

2008 “Summa cum laude” Award for dissertation

2008 Minerva Short-Term Research Grant awarded by Max-Planck-Gesellschaft

Research Interests

Dr.-Ing. Bothien’s work in the field of combustion dynamics is dedicated to applying fundamental research to real-world industry problems trying to find creative and innovative solutions for the future product. This includes passive and active control, premix and reheat flame dynamics, rig-to-engine transferability, flame-flame and fluid-structure interaction. Analyzing and predicting system stability, Dr.-Ing. Bothien makes use of network models, unsteady CFD, system identification techniques, advanced dynamic data analysis and statistics. Following an interdisciplinary approach, he combines analytical, numerical, and experimental methods; the latter including acoustic, atmospheric, high pressure and full-scale engine tests. His research at the Institute of Advanced Study is focused on reheat flame dynamics both in the low and high frequency regime.

Selected Publications

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