Susan Park

Short CV

Susan Park is an Associate Professor in International Relations at the University of Sydney. She focuses on how state and non-state actors use formal and informal influence to make the Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) and global governance greener and more accountable. Susan has published in numerous journals, most recently in the Review of International Political Economy. Her new book is International Organisations and Global Problems: Theories and Explanations (Cambridge University Press, 2018). In 2010 she published The World Bank Group and Environmentalists (Manchester). Susan has co-edited special editions and books including Global Environmental Governance and the Accountability Trap (2019, MIT Press with Teresa Kramarz). Susan is an Associate Editor of the journal Global Environmental Politics and is Co-Convenor with Dr Teresa Kramarz (University of Toronto) of the Earth Systems Governance (ESG) Task Force ‘Accountability in Global Environmental Governance.’ Previously Susan served as the Chair of the Environmental Studies Section of the (2015 to 2017). She is a Senior Research Fellow of the ESG, an affiliated Faculty member of the Munk School’s Environmental Governance Lab at the University of Toronto, and an External Associate of the Centre for the Study of Globalisation and Regionalisation at Warwick University.

Selected Awards

2017-2018: Sydney Research Accelerator (SOAR) Fellowship, University of Sydney, $150,000 (one of twenty awarded University-wide).

2014-18: Awarded Australian Research Council Discovery Project DP140100868: “Multilateral Development Bank Accountability: Who Benefits?” $210,000

2013: Brown Fellow, the University of Sydney, $60,000 (one of three awarded University-wide).

2011: Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Grant to the Erasmus Mundus Masters Program in Public Policy (Mundus MAPP), Central European University and European Commission E9,600 (declined).

Research Interests

Global environmental governance, constructivism, norms, multilateral development banks, accountability, renewable technology, mining

Selected Publications

  • Park, S & Vetterlein, A 2010, Owning Development: Creating Policy Norms in the IMF and the World Bank, Cambridge University Press.
  • Park, S 2005, ‘Norm Diffusion within International Organisations: A Case Study of the World Bank’, Journal of International Relations and Development, vol. 8, pp. 111-141.
  • Park, S., 2018, International Organisations and Global Problems: Theories and Explanations, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press.
  • Park, S., 2010, World Bank Group interactions with environmentalists: changing international organisation identities, Manchester, Manchester University Press.
  • Park, S 2006, ‘Theorizing Norm Diffusion Within International Organizations’, International Politics, vol. 43, pp. 342-361.
  • Park, S 2017, ‘Accountability as Justice for the Multilateral Development Banks? Borrower Opposition and Bank Avoidance to US Power and Influence’, Review of International Political Economy, vol. 24, pp. 776-801.
  • Kramarz, T & Park, S 2016, ‘Accountability in global environmental governance: A meaningful tool for action?’, Global Environmental Politics, vol. 16, no. 2, pp. 1-21.
  • Park, S. 2015. Assessing Accountability in Practice: The Asian Development Bank’s Accountability Mechanism. Global Policy, 6 (4), 455-465.
  • Park, S 2014, ‘Institutional isomorphism and the Asian Development Bank’s accountability mechanism: something old, something new; something borrowed, something blue?’, The Pacific Review, vol. 27, pp. 217-239.
  • Park, S 2005, ‘How Transnational Environmental Advocacy Networks Socialise IFIs: A Case Study of the International Finance Corporation’, Global Environmental Politics, vol. 5, pp. 95-119

Publications as TUM-IAS-Fellow