Nina A. Mayr

Anna Boyksen Fellow

University of Washington

Radiation Oncology

Prof. Stephanie E. Combs

Research Project
Improving Breast Cancer Care Through Cognitive and Physcial Interventions Leveraging Advanced Technolgies

Short CV

Dr. Nina A. Mayr is Professor of Radiation Oncology at the University of Washington School of Medicine. She earned her medical degree at the Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München, Germany. She completed her radiation oncology residency and a fellowship in Breast and Gynecologic Radiation Oncology at the University of Iowa, where she subsequently served on the faculty. Before she created Department of Radiation Medicine at the Ohio State University and served as its inaugural Chair, she was the Director of Radiation Oncology and Professor & Vice Chair of Radiological Sciences at the University of Oklahoma (OU), where she built OU’s new radiation oncology facility. In 2013 Dr. Mayr joined the University of Washington (UW) and served as the Professor and Chair of the Department of Radiation Oncology from 2013 to 2018. She is currently is the George E. Laramore Endowed Professor in the UW School of Medicine.

Selected Awards

2006 Elected Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

2009 –present Elected for inclusion into Best Doctors in America®

2011 Elected Fellow (F.A.S.T.R.O.) of the American Society of Radiation Oncology (ASTRO)

2013 Alice Ettinger Award of the American Association for Women Radiologists (AAWR)

2015–present Elected for inclusion into Castle Connolly Top Doctors

2015 American Board of Radiology Lifetime Service Award

2016–present Seattle Met Best Doctors

2017 Castle Connolly Exceptional Women in Medicine 2017

2018 University of Washington School of Medicine Department of Radiation Oncology Faculty

2018 Teaching Award

Research Interests

Structural and functional/molecular tumor imaging; Cognitive interventions in radiation oncology; Image-guided, stereotactic and adaptive radiation therapy; Breast and Gynecologic cancer

Selected Publications

  • Bowen, Stephen R.; Yuh, William T.C.; Hippe, Daniel S.; Wu, Wei; Partridge, Savannah C.; Elias, Saba; Jia, Guang; Huang, Zhibin; Sandison, George A.; Nelson, Dennis; Knopp, Michael V.; Lo, Simon S.; Kinahan, Paul E.; Mayr, Nina A.: Tumor radiomic heterogeneity: Multiparametric functional imaging to characterize variability and predict response following cervical cancer radiation therapy. Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging 47 (5), 2017, 1388-1396.
  • Ford, E; Emery, R; Huff, D; Narayanan, M; Schwartz, J; Cao, N; Meyer, J; Rengan, R; Zeng, J; Sandison, G; Laramore, G; Mayr, N: An image-guided precision proton radiation platform for preclinicalin vivoresearch. Physics in Medicine and Biology 62 (1), 2016, 43-58.
  • Norbash, Alexander; Yucel, Kent; Yuh, William; Doros, Gheorghe; Ajam, Amna; Lang, Elvira; Pauker, Stephen; Mayr, Nina: Effect of team training on improving MRI study completion rates and no-show rates. Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging 44 (4), 2016, 1040-1047.
  • Huang, Zhibin; Yuh, Kevin A.; Lo, Simon S.; Grecula, John C.; Sammet, Steffen; Sammet, Christina L.; Jia, Guang; Knopp, Michael V.; Wu, Qiang; Beauchamp, Norman J., III; Yuh, William T.C.; Wang, Roy; Mayr, Nina A.: Validation of optimal DCE-MRI perfusion threshold to classify at-risk tumor imaging voxels in heterogeneous cervical cancer for outcome prediction. Magnetic Resonance Imaging 32 (10), 2014, 1198-1205.
  • Elshaikh, Mohamed A.; Yashar, Catheryn M.; Wolfson, Aaron H.; Cardenes, Higinia Rosa; Erickson, Beth; Jhingran, Anuja; Jolly, Shruti; Kidd, Elizabeth; Lee, Larissa J.; Mayr, Nina A.; Moore, David; Rao, Gautam G.; Small, William, Jr; Varia, Mahesh A.; Wahl, Andrew O.; Yuh, William; Gaffney, David K.: ACR Appropriateness Criteria® Advanced Stage Endometrial Cancer. American Journal of Clinical Oncology 37 (4), 2014, 391-396.
  • Xu-Welliver, Meng; Yuh, William T. C.; Fielding, Julia R.; Macura, Katarzyna J.; Huang, Zhibin; Ayan, Ahmet S.; Backes, Floor J.; Jia, Guang; Moshiri, Mariam; Zhang, Jun; Mayr, Nina A.: Imaging across the Life Span: Innovations in Imaging and Therapy for Gynecologic Cancer. RadioGraphics 34 (4), 2014, 1062-1081.
  • Lang, Elvira V.; Yuh, William T. C.; Ajam, Amna; Kelly, Ronda; MacAdam, Luke; Potts, Richard; Mayr, Nina A.: Understanding Patient Satisfaction Ratings for Radiology Services. American Journal of Roentgenology 201 (6), 2013, 1190-1196.
  • De Los Santos, Jennifer; Popple, Richard; Agazaryan, Nzhde; Bayouth, John E.; Bissonnette, Jean-Pierre; Bucci, Mary Kara; Dieterich, Sonja; Dong, Lei; Forster, Kenneth M.; Indelicato, Daniel; Langen, Katja; Lehmann, Joerg; Mayr, Nina; Parsai, Ishmael; Salter, William; Tomblyn, Michael; Yuh, William T.C.; Chetty, Indrin J.: Image Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT) Technologies for Radiation Therapy Localization and Delivery. International Journal of Radiation Oncology*Biology*Physics 87 (1), 2013, 33-45.
  • Huang, Zhibin; Mayr, Nina A.; Gao, Mingcheng; Lo, Simon S.; Wang, Jian Z.; Jia, Guang; Yuh, William T.C.: Onset Time of Tumor Repopulation for Cervical Cancer: First Evidence From Clinical Data. International Journal of Radiation Oncology*Biology*Physics 84 (2), 2012, 478-484.

Publications as TUM-IAS-Fellow


  • Kim, A.; Kalet, A.M.; Cao, N.; Hippe, D.S.; Fang, L.C.; Young, L.; Meyer, J.; Lang, E.V.; Mayr, N.A.: Effects of Preparatory Coaching and Home Practice for Deep Inspiration Breath Hold on Cardiac Dose for Left Breast Radiation Therapy. Clinical Oncology 30 (9), 2018, 571-577 more… BibTeX Full text ( DOI )