Lifeng Chi

Hans Fischer Senior Fellow

Soochow University

Institute of Functional Nano & Soft Materials

Prof. Johannes Barth
Prof. Martin Stutzmann

Short CV

Prof. Dr. Lifeng Chi received her B.S. and M.S. degrees in Jilin University, China. She pursued her PhD degree in University of Göttingen, Germany in 1989 and finished her Habilitation in University of Münster, Germany in 2000. She became a Professor in Physics, University of Münster in 2004. She joined Soochow University in China as a chair Professor in 2012 and kept to be the adjuct Professor in University of Münster. Her key research is centered around supramolecular chemistry on surfaces, including molecular assembly and on-surface reactions, molecular patterning and structured functional surfaces. She has published more than 370 scientific papers including Science, Nature, J. Am. Chem. Soc., Angew. Chem., Phys. Rev. Lett. et. al. She is the member of the Editorial Board/Advisory Board of ACS Nano, Small, New J. Phys, Adv. Mater. Interfaces, ChemNanoMat, Nanoscale Horiz. She received the prestigious Lisa-Meitner Scholarship in 1997, the distinguished Chinese Young Scientist Award (for overseas) in 1999 and was the winner of the 1000 Talent program in China in 2011. She won the ACS Nano Lectureship Award in 2016, and IUPAC Distinguish Women in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering in 2017.

Selected Awards

2017 Distinguished Women in Chemistry/Chemical Engineering Award, IUPAC
2017 SUSTech Chemical Sciences Lectureship, Southern University of Science and Technology
2016 ACS Nano Lectureship 2016 Molecular Science Frontier Lecture Professorship of ICCAS
2014 Godden Han Leading Scientist (Suzhou Industry Park)
2013 Distinguished Innovation Scientist in Jiang Su Province
1999 Distinguished Chinese Young Scientist
1997 Lisa Meitner Scholarship

Research Interests

On-Surface Chemical Reactions:

  • Selective C-H bond activation
  • C-C bond coupling and breaking at mild temperature
  • Surface modulated dis/asymmetric synthesis
  • Functional planar macromolecules
  • Chemical bond imaging and electronic properties

Molecular Self-Assembly on Surfaces:

  • Chiral assembly
  • Balance and adjustment of molecular packing
  • Thermodynamic and kinetic control
  • Conversion from self-assembled to covalent bonded structures

Interfacial Molecular Patterning and Engineering:

  • Langmuir-Blodgett patterning
  • Directed growth in vapor phase deposition
  • High resolution functional molecular architectures
  • Interface optimization for molecular sensing

Selected Publications

  •  Q.G. Zhong, Y.B. Hu, K.F. Niu, H.M. Zhang, B. Yang, D. Ebeling, J. Tschakert, T. Cheng, A. Schirmeisen, A. Narita,* K. Müllen,* L.F. Chi1*, “Benzo-Fused Periacenes or Double Helicenes? Different Cyclodehydrogenation Pathways on Surface and in Solution”, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 141(18) (2019) 7399-7406

  • K. Sun, A. Chen, M. liu, H. Zhang*, R. Duan, P. Ji, L. Li, Q. Li, C. Li, D. Zhong, K. Müllen and L.F. Chi*, “Surface-assisted alkane polymerization: Investigation on structure-reactivity relationship”, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 140(14) (2018) 4820-4825

  • Q. Li, B. Yang, J. Björk, Q. Zhong, H. Ju, J. Zhang, N. Cao, Z. Shi, H. Zhang, D. Ebeling, A. Schirmeisen, J. Zhu and L.F. Chi*, “Hierarchical dehydrogenation reactions on a copper surface”, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 140(19) (2018) 6076-6082

  • Q. Zhong, D. Ebeling*, J. Tschakert, Y. Gao, D. Bao, S. Du*, C. Li, L.F. Chi*, A. Schirmeisen, “Symmetry breakdown of 4,4″-diamino-p-terphenyl on a Cu(111) surface by lattice mismatch”, Nature Communications, 9 (2018) 3277

  • Z. Wang, L. Huang, X. Zhu, X. Zhou and L.F. Chi*, “An ultrasensitive organic semiconductor NO2 sensor based on crystalline TIPS-pentacene films”, Advanced Materials, 29(38) (2017) 1703192 6. B. Yang, J. Björk, H.P. Lin, X.Q. Zhang, H.M. Zhang, Y.Y. Li, J. Fan, Q. Li* and L.F. Chi*, “Synthesis of surface covalent organic frameworks via dimerization and cyclotrimerization of acetyls”, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 137(15) (2015) 4904-4907

  • H.M. Zhang, Z.M. Gong, K.W. Sun, R.M. Duan, P.H. Ji, L. Li, C. Li, K. Müllen and L.F. Chi*, “Two-dimensional chirality transfer via on-surface reaction”, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 138(36) (2016) 11743-11748

  • D.Y. Zhong, J.H. Franke, S.K. Podiyanachari, T. Blömker, H.M. Zhang, G. Kehr, G. Erker*, H. Fuchs* and L.F. Chi*, “Linear alkane polymerization on a gold surface”, Science, 334(6053) (2011) 213-216

  • Z.C. Mu, L.J. Shu, H. Fuchs, M. Mayor* and L.F. Chi*, “Two dimensional chiral networks emerging from the Aryl-F···H hydrogen-bond-driven self-assembly of partially fluorinated rigid molecular structures”, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 130(33) (2008) 10840-10841

  • M. Gleiche, L.F. Chi* and H. Fuchs, “Nanoscopic channel lattices with controlled anisotropic wetting”, Nature, 403(6766) (2000) 173-175

Publications as TUM-IAS-Fellow


  • Heinle, Ludwig; Chen, Jia: Automated enclosure and protection system for compact solar-tracking spectrometers. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 11 (4), 2018, 2173-2185 mehr…