IAS Birmingham and TUM-IAS joint workshop on Inorganic Chemistry meets Medicine


IAS Birmingham University@TUM-IAS Joint Workshop 2017

Date: October 25-26, 2017
Location: TUM Institute for Advanced Study, Lichtenbergstraße 2 a, 85748 Garching & TUM International Graduate School of Science and Engineering (IGSSE), Boltzmannstraße 17 85748 Garching

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At the frontiers of Bioinorganic chemistry, the workshop will highlight recent advances and emerging directions in the development of metal-containing agents to detect and treat cancer, infectious disease, and other medical disorders. The scientific program covers a range of topics within medicinal chemistry, from the causal role metals can play in diseases and disorders, their utilization as diagnostic agents, early target validation, synthesis of inorganic medicinal agents and materials, chemical biology and analytical chemistry approaches to understanding mechanism(s) of action and off-target effects. Furthermore, translational implementation of inorganic supramolecular entities and nanomaterials for biomedical applications will be discussed. The goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers working in these various topics and define the future trends in bioinorganic chemistry. Discussions will be stimulated around outstanding papers from different research fields in bioinorganic chemistry with the aim of developing new research areas and collaborations among participants.

Organizing committee
Prof. Angela Casini (Cardiff University, UK & TUM-IAS Hans Fischer Senior Fellow)
Prof. Mike Hannon (Institute of Advanced Studies, Univ. of Birmingham, UK & TUM-IAS Board of Trustees Member)
Prof. Fritz E. Kühn (Molecular Catalysis, TUM)

This is a collaborative workshop of the Institute of Advanced Studies of the University of Birmingham and the Institute for Advanced Study of the Technical University of Munich.