Functional Interfaces

Prof. Matthias Batzill of the University of South Florida works as a Hans Fischer Fellow in the Focus Group Functional Interfaces hosted by TUM professor Johannes Barth.

Matthias Batzill’s research focuses on the synthesis and modification of single-atom thin, two-dimensional materials, such as graphene. The electronic structures of such materials are sensitively dependent on their lateral size (quantum confinement effects) and interfaces (interface charge transfer). Consequently electronic and chemical properties of graphene can be tuned by lateral confinements and/or contacts with dissimilar materials. In his tenure as a Hans Fischer Fellow, Dr. Batzill will explore methods for modifying two-dimensional materials by controlled self-assembly of molecular networks on top of graphene. Combining the expertise of Dr. Batzill’s group in 2D materials with the controlled surface modification by designed molecular-assemblies in Prof. Barth’s team, will enable us to investigate modifications of graphene and other 2D materials at the molecular scale. Using scanning tunneling microscopy/spectroscopy we investigate charge transfer and electronic modification of 2D materials by interfacing with defined molecular assemblies, as well as investigating approaches for using self-assembled monolayers as nanoscale-masks for pattern transfer into the 2D materials at the molecular scale.

TUM-IAS funded doctoral candidate:
Yuanqin He, Molecular Nanoscience and Chemical Physics of Interfaces