Regenerative Medicine

Hans Fischer Senior Fellow Prof. Dietmar W. Hutmacher from Queensland University of Technology, Australia, and his host Prof. Arndt F. Schilling from the TUM Clinic for Plastic Surgery and Hand Surgery work together in the Focus Group Regenerative Medicine.

The lack of functional integration between tissue-engineered constructs (TECs) and surrounding host tissues is a critical barrier, limiting the effectiveness and clinical translation of current soft tissue interface graft technologies. The overarching goal of this Hans Fischer Senior Fellowship is to address this challenge through the development of highly adaptable platform technologies that enable the engineering of stronger interfaces between TECs and the extracellular matrices that are distinct to particular clinical conditions. Through this project, an international network spanning scientists, engineers, clinicians, industry, and government will be established to accelerate the pace of regenerative medicine research targeting reconstruction of complex soft tissue interface defects and abnormalities. Key outcomes of the Hans Fischer Senior Fellowship will deliver innovative strategies for additive tissue manufacturing for soft tissue interfaces whilst contributing to the education at TUM of a new generation of bioengineers, clinician scientists, and tissue engineers with a strong international profile.

The overall objectives of the Focus Group Regenerative Medicine:

  • To develop a world class tissue engineering/regenerative medicine (TE/RM) program focused on additive tissue manufacturing for the regeneration of soft tissue interfaces, specifically for breast reconstruction.
  • To facilitate efforts to bridge the gap between basic research, bioengineering, and clinical positioning of regenerative therapies at TUM through strong activities supporting research translation and business development in collaboration with regional, national, and international industry partners.
  • To share newly generated scientific knowledge in regenerative medicine with researchers, engineers, clinicians, and the public through educational activities, training, publications, and communication forums at national and international levels, as well as being an active advocate and discussant of ethical aspects of TE/regenerative medicine in general, and of stem cells in particular, to improve public awareness and acceptance.

Elizabeth Rosado Balmayor, Clinic for Plastic Surgery and Hand Surgery