Chemical Catalysis, Photo-catalysis and Electro-catalysis

Prof. Suljo Linic from the University of Michigan has been a Hans Fischer Fellow since 2014. Prof. Karsten Reuter from the TUM Chair of Theoretical Chemistry and Prof. Ulrich Heiz from the TUM Chair of Physical Chemistry are hosting this Focus Group.

The Linic Research Group applies first principles theoretical (electronic structure DFT calculations, ab initio kinetic and thermodynamic simulations) and various experimental tools (surface science, in-situ reactor studies, electron microscopy, et cetera) to study chemical transformations on surfaces. The central objective of the group's work is the development of predictive theories of surface chemistry related to heterogeneous catalysis, electro-catalysis and photo-electro-catalysis.

The central goal of the here proposed stay of Professor Linic at TUM and our joint studies is to identify the microscopic processes that govern plasmon-induced photo-chemistry on optically excited plasmonic metal nanoparticles and to develop the knowhow to control these processes through the design of optimized three-dimensional plasmonic materials. These fundamental studies are crucial to move the field forward towards a more rational and systematic design of plasmonic catalysts.

TUM-IAS funded doctoral candidate:
Simon Rittmeyer, Theoretical Chemistry