High-Performance Computing (HPC)

HPC - Tackling the Multi-Challenge

High-performance computing (HPC) is a thriving cross-sectional research field of utmost relevance in science and engineering. Actually, scientific progress is more and more depending on insight gained by computational research. With the increased technological potential, however, the requirements are growing, too - which leads to several computational challenges, which are all related to some "multi-X" notion: multi-disciplinary, multi-physics, multi-scale, multi-dimensional, multi-level, multi-core. This focus group primarily addresses the three topic multi-physics (mp), multi-dimensional (md), and multi-core (mc).The interplay of these three subtopics is straightforward: Both mp and md are among the usual suspects that need and, thus, drive HPC technology and mc; mp frequently appears in the context of optimisation or parameter identification or estimation - thriving topics of current md research; and present as well as future mc technology is inspired by algorithmic patterns, as provided by mp and md. Hence, it is not only reasonable to address mp, md, and mc in an integral way, it is essential, and this TUM-IAS focus group offers the unique chance of doing this at a very high international level.

Prof. George Biros is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the Cockrell School of Engineering of the University of Texas at Austin, where he is currently holding the W. A. "Tex" Moncrief Jr. Chair in Simulation-Based Engineering Sciences. He is also a member or the Institute of Computational Engineering and Sciences, where he is director of the Parallel Algorithms for Data Analysis and Simulation (PADAS) group. After first collaborating with the HPC Focus Group within the framework of a TUM-IAS Visiting Fellowship, Prof. George Biros has now permanently joined the HPC group as a Hans Fischer Fellow.

Prof. Miriam Mehl held a Carl von Linde Junior Fellowship from 2010-2013, focusing on the multi-physics challenge. She is now a Professor for Large Systems Simulation at the University of Stuttgart.

Prof. Markus Hegland is a Professor of Computational Mathematics and Data Mining at the Mathematical Science Institute of the Australian National University and held a Hans Fischer Senior Fellowship in this Focus Group from 2010-2013.

Prof. Hans-Joachim Bungartz (High-Performance Computing) acts as a host at TUM for this group.

TUM-IAS funded doctoral candidates:
Valeriy Khakhutskyy, Scientific Computing
Christoph Kowitz, Scientific Computing
Benjamin Uekermann, Scientific Computing