New Acting TUM-IAS Managing Director: Tatjana Steinberger


As of April 1, 2018, Tatjana Steinberger has taken over the position of an acting managing director of the TUM Institute for Advanced Study.

Having served as a program manager of the TUM-IAS for the past eight years, no one can have a more extensive knowledge of our institute and its day-to-day operations. We are very glad to have her on this position and look forward to continuing working with her!

For the moment, this unfortunately also means good-bye to Dr. Ana Santos K├╝hn, who is taking a leave of absence from TUM. Ana has served as a managing director of the TUM-IAS in the past three years, as well as in 2010-12. We will miss her as well as her vast experience with TUM and her excellent intuition regarding the many quirks and charms of our university, thank her wholeheartedly, and hope to still see her around often!

Ernst Rank, TUM-IAS Director