TUM-IAS Doctoral Candidates and Postdocs

Doctoral Candidates

Biomedical Humanities

Maria Rosak, Institute for History and Ethics of Medicine

Brain-Temperature Control of Metabolic Diseases

Tim Gruber, Institute for Diabetes and Obesity, HelmholtzZentrum München

Chemical Catalysis, Photo-catalysis and Electro-catalysis

Simon Rittmeyer, Theoretical Chemistry

Computational Mechanics - Geometry and Numerical Simulation

Davide D’Angella, Computation in Engineering

Communication and Information

Yasmin Moradi, Electronic Design Automation
Lukas Holzbaur, Coding for Communications and Data Storage
Julian Renner, Coding for Communications and Data Storage

Electrochemical Interfaces in Batteries

Roland Jung, Technical Electrochemistry

Embedded Systems and Internet of Things

Emanuel Regnath, Embedded Systems and Internet of Things
Ege Korkan, Embedded Systems and Internet of Things
Philipp Weiss, Embedded Systems and Internet of Things

Environmental Sensing and Modeling

Lijuan Lan, Environmental Sensing and Modeling 

Exploiting Antenna Arrays for Next Generation Wireless Communications Systems

Fabian Steiner, Circuit Theory and Signal Processing

Functional Metagenomics

Yannick Mahlich, Bioinformatics

Human-Machine Collaborative Systems

Christian Rupprecht, Computer Aided Medical Procedures & Augmented Reality

Medicinal and Bioinorganic Chemistry

Jens Oberkofler, Molecular Catalysis

miRNAs Regulating Diabetes and Obesity

Verena Ott, Institute for Diabetes and Obesity, HelmholtzZentrum München

Multi-Messenger astrophysics and the United Nations Open Universe initiative

Theo Glauch, Experimental Physics with Cosmic Particles

Networked Cyper-Physical Systems

Touraj Soleymani, Information-oriented Control

Phase Contrast Computed Tomography

Regine Gradl, Biomedical Physics

Proteases in the Brain

Merav Shmueli, German Center for Neurodegenerative

Quantum Matter

Franz Haslbeck, Topology of Correlated Systems

Semiconductor Nanowires

Bernhard Loitsch, Walter Schottky Institute, Hybrid Nanosystems – Nanoscale Optoelectronics

Sterile Neutrino and Dark Matter

Konrad Altenmüller, Experimental Physics and Astroparticle Physics

Sustainable Water Cycles for Cities of the Future

Philipp Michel, Urban Water Systems Engineering

Synthetic Biochemistry

Susanne Mayer, Synthetic Biochemistry

Theory of Complex Quantum Systems

Stefan Huber, Theory of Complex Quantum Systems

Uncertainty Quantification and Predictive Modeling

Markus Schöberl, Continuum Mechanics

Viral Hepatitis

Anindita Chakraborty, Virology
Lisa Wolff, Virology


Automated Controller Synthesis

Denis Kuperberg, Foundations of Software Reliability and Theoretical Computer Science

Collective Quantum Dynamics

Johannes Oberreuter, Collective Quantum Dynamics

Modeling Spatial Mobility

Carlos Llorca Garcia, Modeling Spatial Mobility
Matthew Okrah, Modeling Spatial Mobility

Population Epigenetics and Epigenomics

David Roquis, Population Epigenetics and Epigenomics

Structural Membrane Biochemistry

Kai Fredriksson, Structural Membrane Biochemistry

Supramolecular Chemistry

Marta Tena Solsona, Supramolecular Chemistry