Who is IESP?

IESP is a network of scientists, politicians, members of NGOs and business representatives who share a deep concern about the crises that challenges humanity today. These crises are caused by

  • excess emission of greenhouse gases and the resulting global warming and climate change;
  • elimination of ecosystems to satisfy human desires; 
  • pollution of atmosphere, water and soil;
  • mismanagement of businesses and countries;
  • increasing social split-up.

IESP takes a holistic view to these crises in the attempt to provide through its activities IESP is determined to seek for solutions of these crises.

Specifically, IESP members

  • understand the significance of today's Earth System crises for the survival of future generations
  • realize the urgency of effective action;
  • feel responsible for the preservation of today's Earth System to ensure a harmonic coexistence of  nature and humanity on our planet;
  • aim to share scientific knowledge and expertise with the public and with decision makers at large.

The aims and mission of IESP are summarized in the “Zugspitze Declaration on the Responsibility of Humanity for the Functioning of the Earth System." A result of the workshop on "Earth System Engineering – The Art of Dealing Wisely with the Planet Earth", held on Sept. 23 – 26, 2008 in Wildbad-Kreuth, Germany.