Liesel Beckmann Symposium 2017: Evaluation and Diversity in Science and Scholarship


Date: October 6, 2017
Location: TUM City Campus, Alte Poststelle, Arcisstraße 21, München
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Current evaluation mechanisms have established accountability and performance measurement as the gold standard route to productivity and (cost-) efficiency in academia. While there are numerous informal discussions around the increasing role of assessments in science and scholarship, it is only recently that considerable research interest is being directed towards the manifest and more intricate effects that assessments might have on the organization and production of knowledge. This is important, because first results indicate that academic assessment systems do not necessarily comply with central ideals and goals of European, national and institutional research policies: to foster diversity-relevant and socially responsible science.

In this symposium, we will explore some of these ways in which evaluations have become pivotal to academic work. We will examine how evaluation mechanisms and gender issues become intertwined, how certain notions of ‘good performance’ affect knowledge cultures across fields, and how performance metrics may have become woven into the very socio-material fabric that shapes academic selves.

Organizing Committee
Prof. Sarah De Rijcke (Leiden University & TUM-IAS Anna Boyksen Fellow)
Prof. Ruth Müller (TUM)
Isabel Burner-Fritsch (TUM)