1st ECCOMAS Thematic Conference on Simulation for Additive Manufacturing


Date: October 11-13, 2017
Location: TUM Institute for Advanced Study, Lichtenbergstraße 2 a, 85748 Garching & TUM International Graduate School of Science and Engineering (IGSSE), Boltzmannstraße 17 85748 Garching
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In the past few years additive manufacturing (AM) has evolved to one of the most promising techniques for creating solid structures of virtually any shape. Yet, AM products and processes are often much more complex than those obtained through classical manufacturing techniques, raising new questions for numerical simulations. Applications for AM products range across many fields in engineering, from design models to lightweight components for the automotive or aerospace industry, or to medical applications like patient specific implants. AM processes involve multi-physics and multi-scale phenomena. Whereas relevant spatial scales range over many orders of magnitude, important time scales start at microseconds for physical processes and reach to hours or even days. Physics involved include mechanical, thermal, radiation and phase change problems. And most essential for simulation of AM is validation and verification. Last but not least a lack of appropriate manufacturing technologies hindered for a long time the realization of designs as obtained, e.g. by shape and/or topology optimization. In this regard AM is the ideal technology to transfer innovative design proposals to reality.

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Organizing committee
E. Rank (Chairman) Institute for Advanced Study Technical University of Munich
F. Auricchio (Co-Chairman) Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture University of Pavia
P. Steinmann (Co-Chairman) Chair of Applied Mechanics University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
S. Kollmannsberger (Secretary) Chair for Computation in Engineering Technical University of Munich

Scientific Committee
Domenico Asprone
Tor Dokken
Alexander Düster
Edwin van den Eijnden
Rainer Gebhardt
Carolin Körner
Lars-Erik Lindgren
Wing Kam Liu
Luigi Nicolais
Tim Lüth
Andreas Menzel
Julia Mergheim
Eugenio Onate
Vasily Ploshikhin
Ekkehard Ramm
Alessandro Reali
Stefanie Reese
Daniel Reznik
Ulrich Rüde
Kenneth Runesson
Ole Sigmund
Michael Stingl
Brent Stucker
Robertt Valente
Frederik Verbist
Peter Wriggers
Michael Zäh
Tarek Zhodi

Plenary Lecturers
Lars Eric Lindgren (Luleå Tekniska Universitet Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics) 
Michele Chiumenti (Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña (UPC) Centro Internacional de Métodos Numéricos en Ingeniería) (CIMNE) 
Lyle E. Levine (Material Measurement Laboratory National Institute of Standards and Technology) 
Gianni Nicoletto Dept. of Industrial Engineering University of Parma - Italy  
Ole Sigmund Technical University of Denmark Academician of the Danish Academy of Technical Scieces