Gernot Spiegelberg

Gernot Spiegelberg (2010 Alumni)

Rudolf Diesel Industry Fellow

Siemens AG

Corporate Technology

Alois Knoll

Focus Group
Safe Adaptive Dependable Aerospace Systems (SADAS)

Short CV

Gernot Spiegelberg studied mechanical engineering at the University of Siegen and at the RWTH Aachen. After having successfully passed his diploma in 1986, he worked as an assistant at the Institute for Gear Technology and Dynamics of Machines (RWTH Aachen). From 1989 to 1997, he worked on the development of DC-Unimog and LKW in Gaggenau. In 1998, he became the Head of Department, Systems and Technology DC-Powersystems, for drive-by-wire technologies in Stuttgart. Prof. Spiegelberg completed his doctorate at the TU Karlsruhe in 2002 followed by a lectureship for Intelligent Automotive Systems at TU Budapest (Hungary) in 2004, for which he was awarded the Honorary Professorship. From 2006 to 2008, he acted as the Executive Vice President for Group Strategy/Technology at Siemens VDO Automotive AG in Regensburg. Thereafter, he transferred to the Corporate Technology Department and since then has been working on the Technology and Business Model for the Introduction of Electric Vehicles.

Before joining the SADAS Focus Group, Prof. Spiegelberg was a part of the Focus Group Diesel Reloaded.

Selected Awards

2004 Honorary Professorship, TU Budapest July

2010 Nomination as a Rudolf Diesel Industry Fellow at TUM Institute for Advanced Study

Research Interests

The objective of his project at TUM-IAS is to persue a holistic approach to the study of electromobility. Technology will be a focal point – reflected in the development of a new diesel-electric truck.

Selected Publications

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