Chin Man Mok

Chin Man Mok (2010 Alumni)

Rudolf Diesel Industry Fellow

GSI Environmental, Inc.

Daniel Straub

Focus Group
Engineering Risk Analysis

Short CV

Chin Man ‘Bill’ Mok graduated with B.Sc.(Eng.) in civil and structural engineering from the University of Hong Kong in 1985. After working in Hong Kong as a structural and geotechnical engineer for over a year, he moved to the University of California at Berkeley where he obtained his M.S. and Ph.D. in civil and environmental engineering. He joined Geomatrix Consultants, Inc. (acquired by AMEC in 2008) in 1987 where he was most recently a principal engineer and hydrogeologist in AMEC’s Oakland, CA, USA office. Since 2013 he has been a Vice President, Principal Engineer and Hydrogeologist at GSI Environmental, Inc. in California. Bill Mok has more than 28 years of consulting experience in hydrogeology as well as geotechnical, earthquake, environmental, hydrologic, and structural engineering worldwide. Apart from his industry practice, he is active in academia. He is currently an adjunct professor at the University of Waterloo and has been a part-time associate engineering professor at the University of Hong Kong. He has taught continuing professional development short courses in many countries and has been a principal investigator in numerous research studies funded by national agencies and AMEC. His expertise is in computational modeling, reliability/risk/hazard, resources and operation optimization, and field-testing. He is interested in applied research and is currently supervising several doctoral students.

Selected Awards

1992-1993 Jane Lewis Fellowship

1992 Parker Trask Fellowship

1986-1992 Hui Yin Hing Fellowship

1986-1987 S.L. Pao Education Foundation Scholarship

Research Interests

Dr. Mok’s current interests include surface water-groundwater interaction; high-resolution subsurface characterization; soil-foundation-structure interaction; dam erodibility; reliability and risk management; flood, landslide, avalanche hazard management decision support systems; climate change, adaptation, and mitigation; carbon dioxide geologic sequestration; dynamic earth pressure; and groundwater velocity measurement techniques.

Selected Publications

  • Betz, W.; Mok, C.M.; Papaioannou, I.; Straub, D.;: Bayesian model calibration using structural reliability methods: Applica-tion to the simple hydrological abc model. Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Vulnerability and Risk Analysis and Management, 2014 more… BibTeX
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